Travel Soccer

Logan Soccer Club’s Travel soccer is our competitive program for kids U8 through High School. We play in the South Jersey Boys and Girls soccer leagues and are licensed under US Club Soccer.

Travel soccer continues on the tenets of our club in developing the love of soccer, while honing skill, building confidence, and learning the joys of competition.

We have seasons in both Fall (Aug though Nov) and Spring (March through May) and work to have at least 1 team at every age division at various levels of competition.

Teams get professional training, access to tournaments, as well as high end gear and equipment. Each team has a dedicated volunteer coaching staff with experienced coaches and the support of an entire club of passionate soccer enthusiasts. We know that soccer is more than just what happens on the field and train our players to become confident leaders in the community and teach skills that will serve them well in game and in life.

Please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our program.

Fall 2024 Travel Teams

Blast (2017)

Galaxy (2016)
Dragonfyre (2015)
Heat (2014)
Power (2014)
Fury (2013)
Rage (2012)
Crush (2011)
Divas (2010)
Storm (2010)
Thunder (High School 11v11)
Velocity (High School 7v7)


Boom (2017)
Apollo (2016)
Supernova (2016)
Armada (2015)
Charge (2014)
Flash (2013)
Force (2012)
Fusion (2012)
Blaze (2011)
Rebels (2009)