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    Fall 2021 Evaluations

    Fall 2021 Travel Soccer Evaluations

    Registration Link:

    Logan Soccer Club is pleased to announce Evaluations for the Fall 2021 season.  Evaluations are to be held at the Logan Soccer Complex at 2155 Township Line Rd, Logan Township, NJ 08085.  Players must register to attend evaluations by Friday April 30th.  For any additional information please email us at



    Birth Years 2012/2013/2014

    Saturday May 15th 10:00 AM

    Birth Years 2009/2010/2011

    Saturday May 15th 11:00 AM


    Birth Years 2012/2013/2014

    Sunday May 16th 10:00 AM

    Birth Years 2009/2010/2011

    Sunday May 16th 11:00 AM


    New players 2008 or older wishing to enter the program should email to arrange an in-person evaluation with the coach of the team at that age level.

    Common Questions

    Is this a try-out?  Why is it called Evaluations?

    Good question…We feel the term "try-out" implies the attempt to make a team by outperforming other players on a team that already exists.  While that might be the case for older and more established teams here or in other clubs playing at higher levels, we here at LSC do not want to put any unnecessary pressure on your child.  We tell the kids repeatedly that they play their best soccer when they are having fun and relaxed.  Evaluations should be considered nothing more than a training session.

    Do I need to register if my child cannot make the session?

    YES...We not only use the registration list to identify each kid at the session, but it also helps the coaches and club gauge interest in a particular age level and allows us to plan teams accordingly. If you do not register to show interest in playing next fall, decisions on formation of teams will be made prior to the opening of Fall '21 registration and your child could be left without a spot to be filled.   We may also schedule evaluations for another session on a weeknight for those that cannot make the weekend session.

    Does my child need to live within Logan Township?

    NO…Logan Soccer club welcomes players from all surrounding towns.  We have no residency requirements.

    My child did not play micro soccer or is new to soccer, can they still join?

    YES…especially at the younger age groups.  With our coaches and training staff we can help get your child up to speed quickly and ready to play.

    Travel soccer does not start until September, can’t I just wait until August?
    NO…Games start in September (Girls Saturdays and Boys Sundays), but teams must be formed and registered in June. 

    Travel soccer…Does not that mean long drives and intense competition?

    NO… The Board here at Logan has always made it our priority to do our best to create a fun and inclusive club for anyone that is interested in playing soccer.  While travel soccer can be more competitive, at the younger ages the focus is on the play of the game and the love of the sport.  Things like rankings and scores for the small-sided travel soccer games are not recorded.  The season is 10 games long, 5 of which are played right here in Logan, and 5 away (typically games are under an hour or less away in Gloucester and Camden Counties).

    We are in! How do I sign up?
    Signing up for Evaluations is Easy and Free…Just go to

    About our club

    Welcome to The Logan Soccer Club (LSC). We are a non-profit volunteer youth organization governed by an elected Board of Directors. LSC offers competitive, recreational and clinical soccer opportunities for the youth of Logan Township and its nearby communities.