Logan Soccer Club represents the children of Logan as well as all the surrounding townships and consists of children from ages 3 to 18 years old. Our club is staffed completely by volunteers as funded by registrations and donations.  Our goal has always been to keep registration accessible and affordable, and consequently our fees are some of the lowest in the area. It is only by generous sponsors that we can keep our programs running and at a high quality.

Over the last decade we’ve watched this program increase in size exponentially and is now close to 400 children.  With that growth, we have found that we continue to have more needs that simply can’t be provided through participant registrations. With an increased level of volunteers and working to keep space for teams to train, we have found further costs that have come with our increased participation. Some of the important initiatives we are working towards are as follows:

  • Field improvements to increase the safety and expansion of our practice and game areas
  • Purchase new goal frames to add additional game fields
  • Improve lighting at the micro facility
  • Obtain better training equipment and supplies
  • Improvements to our clubhouse and other indoor space to provide areas for soccer education
  • Maintain activities such as Soccer Easter Egg Hunt, Soccer Pumpkin Patch
  • Install a road sign that designates “Logan Soccer Complex”
  • Purchase game recording equipment for training and education
  • Purchase wearable gear for players such as warm-up suits and training uniforms
  • Obtain benches and new corner flags for our fields
  • Rental of indoor space for training sessions during the winter
  • Offering teams funding to participate in tournaments

As you can see, we have many lofty goals that require some hefty funding, but with your help and partnership I think we can reach these goals. We pride ourselves on making it known throughout the community who our sponsors are, with company branding on micro uniforms and training gear, social media campaigns, and well as 10-foot banners we purchase to help advertise our sponsors that will be flown at all home games.

We thank you for your time and consideration in aiding us at Logan Soccer Club and would love to hear from you by sending an email to the address below or giving us a call.  


Matt Palladinetti
Logan Soccer Club President